About Work
  • Designing for the User Experience Redesigning the way we think about family during a 6-week module. 
    Data Driven UX
  • Morphos An intelligent shape detection LEGO robot using feedback systems and artificial intelligence. 
    Rapid Prototyping
  • The golden Ratio Creating tessellated computer art through generative programming methods. 
    Generative Rapid Prototyping
  • Persuasive Technology Exploring persuasive notions in intelligent products. 
  • Smart Sleep Intelligent wristband that monitors the user to predict sleep attacks. 
    Data Driven UX
  • FabLab Amsterdam Open-source toolkit for physical computing. 
    Generative Rapid Prototyping
    • Personal Visualisation

    • Research Design research on the display of personal health information in wearable devices. 
    • Self-Study Studying data acquired from a consumer wearable device for design opportunities.  
    • Generation Designing new ways of visualising data, such as physical visualisations created using rapid prototyping techniques.  
    • Concept A wearable device that helps people make sense of personal health data by providing the data in context.  
    • Qualica provides people valuable information on their wrist any time of the day during any activity.  
    • See it in action


    Short Paper at WSCG

    I have framed a part of my graduation project as design research in an academic context. As a result I have presented a short paper during the WSCG conference in Plzen. 

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    Pepf's Blob

    Pepf's Blob is a blog where I can share thoughts that don't fit in other media. Most of the content is related to programming, data visualisation and user experience.

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    3D printed phone bumper

    A smartphone bumper designed to be both cheap (in comparison to other bumpers in the store) and light. The price is around 10$, which is comparable with bumpers from other brands.

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    Arduino Monitor

    Arduino Monitor is a tool to monitor sensor values and other signals from Arduino. Normally it is only possible to monitor this using a console with fast moving row of numbers. Using this tool, the console is visualised in easy to understand graphs.

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    SuperMotion PingPong

    SuperMotion Pingpong is a game that explores Natural Interaction using the Leap Motion device. It's based on the well known "Pong" gameplay but now the player is able to control the paddle with higher accuracy and natural motion.

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